Spray Foam Insulation

Residential & Commercial Installation Services

Why Spray Foam?

At Performance Spray Foam, Inc., spray foam insulation is what we do best. We’ve been installing it for over 10 years now. As the green solution for any energy-efficient home or business, spray foam insulation lowers utility bills by up to 50 percent, improves indoor air quality and comfort, and also reduces indoor noise pollution. As much more than just insulation, other benefits of installing spray foam in your attic and walls include the fact you’ll gain valuable storage space, minimize damage from wind-driven rain, eliminate hot or cold rooms, raise your property’s appraisal value, and reduce the likelihood of pest and insect infestations.

While using only the highest quality products and latest, safest methods, our skilled installers take great care to protect your property and possessions. As an experienced spray foam insulation contractor, the highly-trained professionals from Performance Spray Foam can handle residential structures, commercial structures, metal buildings, and other applications. In addition to homes and businesses, our project portfolio includes barns, garages, warehouses, churches, wine rooms, poultry houses, storage facilities, shipping containers, and more. Our spray foam insulation services are available in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and surrounding communities. Contact us for a free estimate today!